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Settore Scientifico Disciplinare


Research Topics

Innovation management, Information systems, Resource based view, TCE.

Curriculum Vitae

Federica CECI is Associate Professor at the University G.d’Annunzio and Visiting Professor at LUISS Guido Carli University. She gained a Ph.D. in Management Engineering at the University of San Marino. She was visiting student at London Business School (UK), Spru (University of Sussex, UK), Linkoping University (Sweden) and Valencia University (Spain). She teaches Management and Innovation in Undergraduates Programme, Corporate and University Master Courses.

Her research interests focus on: theory of the firm, management of innovation, the role of personal relationships and cultural values in enabling and diffusing innovation, analysis of managerial implications of digitalization of organizational process, dynamics and organizational characteristics of the deep web, digital ecosystems and platforms.

She has published in Research Policy, Industrial and Corporate Change, Journal of International Management, Industry & Innovation, Journal of Management and Governance, International Journal of Technology and Innovation Management and other Italian journals and she participated to international conferences (Druid, Informs, AOM, Egos, Euram). Federica sits on the editorial board of International Journal of Business and Systems Research, International Journal of Economics and Business Modeling and International Journal of Business Analytics and she is “ad hoc reviewer” for Industrial and Corporate Change; Industry and Innovation; Management Decision; International Journal of Technology Management; International Journal Innovation Management; International Studies in Management & Organization. She has also published a book with the Edward Elgar Publishing: The Business of Solutions (July, 2009).


Management, Innovation Management, Research Methods

Selected publications

  • Securing national e-ID infrastructures: Tor networks as a source of threats. (with Paolo Spagnoletti, Gianluigi Me and Andrea Prencipe). 2018 In F. Cabitza, C. Batini, & M. Magni (Eds.), Organizing for the Digital World. IT for individuals, communities and societies.: 1–14. LNISO – Springer.
  • Is there a supreme being controlling the universe? Entrepreneurs’ personal beliefs and their impact on network learning” ( with Andrea Prencipe); International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, forthcoming
  • of labour, supplier relationships and outsourcing strategies. ( with Andrea Prencipe); 2017 In F. Tell, C. Berggren, S. Brusoni and A. Van de Ven (ed.) Managing knowledge across boundaries, Oxford University Press
  • The importance of entrepreneurs’ traits in explaining start-ups’ innovativeness “(with Simona Leonelli e Francesca Masciarelli); Sinergie, 34 N 101 (2016)
  • “Entrepreneurial Learning in a Network: The Role of Cultural Values” (with Francesca Masciarelli e Andrea Prencipe) in Passiante R. e Romano A. (ed.) Creating Technology-Driven Entrepreneurship, Palgrave, 2016
  • Does distance hinder coordination? Identifying and bridging boundaries of offshored work” (with Andrea Prencipe),  Journal of International Management, 19, 2013, 324–332
  • Personal Relationships and Innovation Diffusion in SME Networks: a Content Analysis Approach” (with Daniela Iubatti), Research Policy, 41, 2012
  • Balancing specialized and generic capabilities in the provision of integrated solutions: Empirical evidence from the IT sector” (with Andrea Masini), Industrial and Corporate Change, 20 (1) 2011
  • Collaboration in an Aerospace SMEs Cluster: Innovation and ICT Dynamics” (with Mariangela Lazoi, Angelo Corallo, Giustina Secundo), International Journal of Technology and Innovation Management, 8 (3) 2011 *** Winning Paper of IJITM Best Papers Award 2011***
  • A Matter of Coherence: the Effects of the Offshoring of Intangibles on Firms’ Performance“ (with Francesca Masciarelli), Industry & Innovation, vol. 17, issue 4, 2010
  • “Configuring Capabilities for Integrated Solutions: Evidence from the IT Sector” (with Andrea Prencipe), Industry & Innovation, vol. 15, issue 3 (June, 2008).
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